Lessons from life-II

The evening breeze brought along with it the sweet scent of flowers as if compensating for a devastatingly hot morning and afternoon. I lunged forward, trying to counter my biggest hindrance, my weight. After all, I had promised myself, I’d make walking a daily habit. This promise led me to explore the deep crevices of my locality and today I stumbled upon the alleyways of nostalgia. The fragrance transported me to a time when I was a naive young boy and much like how I stumbled upon this road today, I had stumbled upon love.

Not knowing what it meant to love someone or to crave someone, I felt everything was possible, like everything was going to be okay. It was not, and I learned that life was obviously not a bed of roses. I was jerked back to reality and the yank had its own undue consequences that I willingly suffered. And many years ago, on the same road, in the process of discovering love, I had unearthed sadness. Today, the familiar road upon which I had spent hours looking for lost love presented itself in all its glory, but as fate would have it, I was using the same road to shed a few unnecessary kilos. What was special once is now just pitch and gravel.

In the end, I wasn’t sure that the loud sigh that came out was one of sadness or just because I was tired.



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