Lessons from life-II

This promise led me to explore the deep crevices of my locality and today I stumbled upon the alleyways of nostalgia. The fragrance transported me to a time when I was a naive young boy and much like how I stumbled upon this road today, I had stumbled upon love.

An unusual request

After all, life itself on this planet is the result of overcoming innumerable obstacles and initial bumps and look where we are now. A reader can help shape and mold a writer's future, or better, a reader can help "write" a brighter future for a writer.

The last letter…

I blame destiny for bringing us together, I blame fate for making our paths cross, I blame providence for it did not keep me ready with any contingency plan. You left me, I had no other choice but to forget your existence and time is a great ally to have in times like these. I was flanked from all sides by you, not by any of your skills or good looks or anything that people get attracted to you by. I was flanked by the whole of ‘you’; caught off guard.

*23 winters*

Is living only for the sake of learning lessons?
Maybe yes, maybe no-
I don't know, but I'm growing old to find out

23 winters crossed my path,
Making an odd snowman out of me;
A slap of ice cold sorrow here, a small mound of happiness there;
A twig of exasperation, a carrot of anguish
Wrapped everything up with a scarf of warm feelings.