An unusual request

Writing is difficult, granted. Ideas come as fleeting moments of ecstasies within our heads and if we fail to register even the slightest hint of the thought, it disappears into the ether of the unknown.

We strive for perfection, and if not perfection then we at least try to tell a damn good story. A story that will make the reader graze away from the screen or put the book down, a story that will force them to think; a story that is in and of itself a seed, a capsule of memories and experiences waiting to be felt.

A writer is a human being who has experienced multiple lives, feelings, and sensations all at once. A writer is someone who is more than willing (actually insisting) to share his stories; because nothing more can please a writer than knowing his work is being shared amongst the general populace.

Then comes the reader. The one person who can gratify a writer’s existence. The reader and the writer are like yin and yang, continuously balancing each other out. (Never would you have heard that writers are increasing in numbers or readers are not finding ample reading material)

Writers owe their existence to readers and readers, in turn, have to thank writers for the storm which never ceases to brew.

Writing is a beautiful (and sometimes chaotic) combination of art and craft which is difficult to master. Not all writers have the capability to engage every reader from the first word of their story. Nevertheless, readers should give all writers a chance; a chance to get involved with the storyline and plot, a chance to feel the protagonist’s pain, motivation, and anger bearing a few initial bumps and obstacles along the way.

After all, life itself on this planet is the result of overcoming innumerable obstacles and initial bumps and look where we are now.

A reader can help shape and mold a writer’s future, or better, a reader can help “write” a brighter future for a writer.

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