*23 winters*

23 winters passed by,

I learned that-
Tears and eyeliners;
Happiness and sadness;
Lipstick and lollipops;
Lust and longing;
Dreams and devastation;
Smiles and evil grins;
Mix together very well-

Sometimes they’re inseparable, sometimes one floats atop the other,
Like a fine layer of oil on water-

Is living only for the sake of learning lessons?
Maybe yes, maybe no-
I don’t know, but I’m growing old to find out

23 winters crossed my path,
Making an odd snowman out of me;
A slap of ice cold sorrow here, a small mound of happiness there;
A twig of exasperation, a carrot of anguish
Wrapped everything up with a scarf of warm feelings.

But I’ve been told that for every snowman, there exists frigid winter.

23 winters passed by, more will follow suit, I’m sure-
Summers, autumns, and springs are not for me
I survive, dwell, prosper and propagate in the cold.

Winter isn’t coming, it is already here, always with me.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://www.pexels.com/photo/alone-cold-field-icy-274721/


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