Accidents (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Dear you,

Accidents happen every day,

Yet I’m confused that-

Was our meeting one of them?

Or was it just well-orchestrated fate?

Two months went by,

Long nights drawn short;

With whispers and laughter,

Tiring days fraught with the anticipation

Of talking again.


Accidents do happen every moment,

I’m perplexed;

Why we drifted apart

Survivors of this broken world,

We were meant to be together;

Ship wrecked survivors clinging to each other;

The ocean of sadness surrounding us.


Yet this was an accident, to the truest of the term,

We used to beat in each other’s heart-

Now the grief punches me from inside,

It hurts and I bleed invisible frustration…

And there’s nothing that could slow it down.


Accidents are inevitable,

Promises are meant to be broken,

Togetherness is a myth,

Pain is just a necessary evil.


So I’m languishing in your memories

Some memories are made of scars

And it stings rather than provide warmth…

But at the end of the day,

I’m happy this accident happened.

Yours truly,

A victim

© Biswadeep

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