Maa (#NaPo_Wrimo)


You made me,

Cell by cell; inch by inch; foot by foot,

You made me;

See the light of the day

And the dark of the night;

I exist because you do.

You bore nine months of hell, only to see me cry!

Nature’s ironies are the strongest…

Yes, there were times;

When I wished you would be someone else’s mother,

But now I take my words and wishes back

And envy ‘those’ whose mother you would be-

Had my wish come true.



I may not show it every time, everywhere

But I do love you,

A lot-

“Call me after you reach,

Call me after you eat,

Call me just like that”

Oh mom! I’d never understand you;

But you do, you understand me

Even when I don’t…

On lazy afternoons, I dream of you and me

Sitting side by side, talking or doing nothing-

I dream of myself, sharing stories

And making you laugh. You would, I’m sure,

Even if they weren’t funny.



You’re my sword and my shield;

Against the world, though I may not talk

To you much, but I’m talking, right now;

Through this bad, spontaneous poem

People who consider themselves unfortunate enough

Not to be blessed with a mother are wrong,

For they themselves are their mother’s blessing;

I love you mother,

Maybe nearly not as much as you do me;

But somewhere near

I’ll try to be half as good to people,

As you are with me;

I’ll try; to imbibe what you’ve taught me-

I’ll try; to be half as good as you’re.



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