Top Indian pop bands and singers

India is a land of culture and art which also includes musicians as a whole. Over the years Indian music has evolved into a much more western-like type but that is only for us audiences and we cannot really blame anyone, can we? From pop bands to metal bands to solo singers, our country has it all! In fact, I am a fan of western music but despite being one, some Indian bands or singers can never be replaced by anyone.

Euphoria (Genre: Hindi Rock)

One of mine and a million others’ favourite this band’s music is quirky and quite awesome, to be frank. Dr Palash Sen, the band’s frontman has definitely come a long way since the band’s formation in the country’s capital, Delhi in 1988. My favourite soundtracks from this band are Mehfuz (Re Dhoom), Maaeri (Re Dhoom), Aana Meri Gully (2003) and Dhoom Pichuk (1998). I personally feel this band has mastered the tempo which captivates their audiences.

Motherjane (Genre: Progressive Rock, World Carnatic Music)

A relatively recent band in the Indian music scenario, this band has taken the world music scenario by storm. Formed in Kochi in 1996 their infusion of rock and Indian Carnatic music is mind-blowing. If you have not heard them before just give them a try. Songs worth mentioning are Fields of Sound (Maktub 2008), Broken (Maktub 2008), Disillusioned (2001) and Maktub (Maktub 2008). Music transcends our soul; you’ll definitely get this feeling after hearing Motherjane.

Sonu Nigam (Genre: Indi-Pop, Classical, Playback, Semi-classical)

Perhaps there is not even a single person born in the ’80s and 90’s who did not hear Sonu Nigam’s mellifluous voice and even now we continue to hear his songs. A gifted child, Nigam started singing by the tender age of 4 and started recording for films by 19. Some of his famous songs are Sandese Aate Hai (Film: Border 1997), Sau Dard (Jaan-e-Mann 2006), Mere Haath Mein (Fanaa 2006) and Love is a Waste of Time (Pk 2014). My personal favourite Sonu song is Aajnabi Seher Mein (Jaan-e-Mann 2006) as it is very soul-stirring.

Indian Ocean (Genre: Fusion, Rock, Folk)

Indian Ocean is considered one of the greatest bands in India and the pioneers of fusion rock in the country. Formed in New Delhi in 1990 this band has reached its pinnacle a few years back with hit songs like Bandeh (Film: Black Friday, 2004). Rahul Ram the celebrated bassist lent his voice to many films like Gulaal and D-Day. Some of the songs worth mentioning are Sone ki Nagri (16/330 Khajoor Road, 2011), Kandisa (Kandisa, 2000) and many others.


Usha Uthup (Genre: Pop)

Born in Bombay in a Tamil Brahmin family, Usha actually hails from Chennai and she pioneered Indian pop in her own unique style which very few musicians have been able to achieve. Her deep voice coupled with music earned her many accolades; she sang at night bars previously and now does playback singing for films including Don2, Disco Dancer, 7 Khoon Maaf and many others. Now she resides in West Bengal and being a bong myself it would be shameful to say I have not heard her music. Here are my personal favourites One Two Cha Cha Cha (Film: Shalimar 1978), Hai Ye Maya (Film: Don2, 2011), Darling (Film: 7 Khoon Maaf) and Auva Auva Koi Yahan Nache Nache (Film: Disco Dancer).

Thus to sum it up the above musicians/bands are my favourite amongst many others in the scene.

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