Picture Prompt#1

[I am beginning a new section in my blog which will be called as the Picture Prompt series. The aim is to break the procrastination and hours of useless internet browsing. Anybody can attempt these prompts in the comments section of my blog, who knows, you can come up with something better than my version. All are welcome.]


In between the two mountains was a house, which functioned more like a bridge; uniting people from both the hills. However, the house cum bridge ‘housed’ a secret. A secret so unbelievable that few people chose to believe and even fewer paid heed to it. On a full moon night, when the sky is replete with the calm and intoxicating aura of the moon, a beast arises from deep down, filled with insatiable hunger. It so happened that on one such night, a weary traveler was grazing on one of the two hills when he suddenly on an impulse decided to go on top of the other hill.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

The light from the house enticed him. Like someone bewitched, he was coerced to enter the tiny shamble of an establishment. Upon entering he noticed the damp, worm infested rotten wooden floor creaked under his weight. While going over to the other side, he couldn’t help but notice an old lift and pulley designed to go deep into the abyss.

Curiosity killed the cat.

He decided to try the lift. Holding his lantern in one hand, he embarked on a perilous journey. At a point he felt the lift stop. The rope had ended; he had reached the limit. He was planning to go up when suddenly he felt the earth shake with a deafening roar. His heart skipped a beat; he held his lantern down to his hand’s maximum reach when a second roar made the lantern fall. The weary traveler’s precious last moments were badly spent watching the lantern fall, thereby illuminating the beast’s wicked snarl, its razor sharp teeth and finally its gut. Death had a new adversary.

Come another similar night, Paris, a girl of about eighteen saw two shining rubies tearing the impregnable darkness. She loved rubies…

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