Picture Prompt#10


The voice in my head

The voice in my head, getting irritating by the seconds,

Echoes and ricochets within my insipid brain.

Commands me nothing; but presents itself;

With cool, irrefutable logic…

That which cannot be denied-


“You are nobody unless you become someone”

“You’re nothingness gift wrapped poorly”

“Made presentable by the layers of soft skin and abundant hair”

“You are nihility, nullity best described…”

“You’re a void, caved inside out”


The voice does not stop no matter what,

No amount of threats, requests or pleading could make it go away.

Insanity or even death would have been a better option;

Than to endure the voice…

Questions of existentialism now pose before me-


Like mannequins, only fluid,

Rendered capable by the voice maybe

“You wake up, you lie down

And in between, you become somebody else…”

“You are just a puppet, in the stringed hands of the master”


“You’re clay, in the skilled hands of an adept potter”

“You are venom, for someone else”

I laugh, I cry

All my thoughts run dry-

As the voice calls me out, reaches out to me


“You’re as idiotic as your resume describes you”

“Spending hours in front of televised propaganda,

The insignia of a democratic republic”

So one day I start following its commands…

I’m just another lump of clay-


The voice, my potter,

Or maybe the voice is a different version of myself.

My sleepy conscience, which decided to wake up;

Once and for all…

The days pass, I’m a servant of it-


Anarchal mischief coursing through my blood,

I’m what the voice tells me to do

I’m him as he is mine.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy-

The guy on the chair drawing- Satyaki Sarkar

Digitized Brain- Will O Lamp

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