#insta_creations (Part-V)

1) “He was a deaf painter with a brush of brilliance.
She, a blind singer with the most mellifluous voice.
As strangers they were looking for solace and tranquility…
‘Coupled’ they perfectly complemented each other!”


2) “Daughter: Hello mom?

Mother: Yes honey?
Daughter: When are you coming home? I’m scared.
From beside the mother, on the other end of the line, a baritone was heard-
‘Here, take the money bi*ch and get the fu*k out…’ and threw a wad of notes towards her.
The recently widowed mother had to resort to extreme means and measures to tend to her daughter’s growing needs.”


3) *Love and War*
Life’s a war lined incessantly with precarious battles, he learned that since he was a kid. But winning every battle is not inevitable, winning the war is. He was up-ahead in his life now, in his own way. Now many years later when he was celebrating a victory over a promotion, his smart phone blushed with a pop-up message. It was a girl he loved when he did not know what infatuation or obsession was but was well acquainted with those feelings…

She: Hi! How are you?
He: I am great! How are you?
She: I am okay, why didn’t you contact me all these years?
He: Funny, I was thinking of the same thing…

Life for him was different now, for ego had made its way well before love.


4) “One of my acquaintances and I were having a soul stirring conversation.
‘Have you ever been in love?’ He inquired…
‘Love? No. But infatuation?  Yes and many times too!’ I loved them dearly and absolutely, only they did not love me back…
My acquaintance kept mum.
This acquaintance of mine happens to be my conscience.


5) “Any other day, he would have starved, with only water to quench his hunger and thirst both.
Today he was having steaming hot Maggi! The decrepit beggar never felt this full.
He did not have to worry about lead leading to his death; truly one man’s bane is another’s boon!”


6) “He (excitedly): I read your story about rape, domestic violence, and abuse. I liked it a lot, especially the ending. Not every story has a happy ending.
She (sheepishly): Not every story is necessarily true…”


7) *Thoughts*

A toddler and her mother were en-route to their home amongst deluge. The mother was struggling between heavyweight bags, an under-sized umbrella, and her life. Everywhere on and along the road, puddles had formed…

Boy (jumping into one of the puddles): Yaay! Yippee.

It was clear the boy was ecstatic.

Mother (sighing, and then laughing): Though this meant her struggling to remove those stubborn stains, it was a trifling price to pay, only to watch her boy laugh with exuberance.


8) *Bridges and fences*

One side: Children playing in crystal clear blue water.

The other side: Children bathing in the black ‘once blue’ water…

Both sides abridged by a drain, discriminated by a fence.


9) *Strangers*

“Strangers first-

They met.

First, virtually.

Then in reality.

Their fling lasted a few days.

Flew together in the air.

Crash landed.

Broke up-

First in reality.

Then virtually.

Strangers again-”


10) *Pickles*
Somewhere in Mandvi, Gujarat
A middle-aged woman asks a shopkeeper about the local pickle he sold her a week ago. After all, her little boy relished the pickle so much!

Somewhere in Haroonabad, Bahawalnagar, the Punjab district of Pakistan
Fatigued but happy, the ancient and decrepit lady dispatched the last batch of pickles for the day. Little did she know, where and in whose belly were her pickles going!
United by pickles but divided by borders.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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