Midnight ramblings-IV

Forgive me, for my writing, is bad. Fever tends to make you write about experiences even if you are unwilling to.

Songs are the worst and amazing at the same time. They can either make you reminisce about the good times, or they can make your heart ache severely. And the worst part is if your favorite song or one of your favorite songs is attached to painful memories of separation, you can never listen to that song without having to compromise your inner disposition.

Songs are like time machines, they literally drag you from your present surroundings and transport you to that instant of time when you first related the song to a significant incident in your life. A few days ago, I saw a memory on Facebook that made my heart ache. Songs like these are a labyrinth and once you enter, you become immersed in painful nostalgia. Remeber, there are no pills available in the market for painful memories. I realized yet again I could never listen to that song ever again in my life. Who wants a flood of sad nostalgia and a tidal wave of painful memories tossing you around helplessly? Not me, not anymore.

I went out to buy cigarettes and no sooner had I started smoking than I realized a sharp pinprick in my heart. A boy next to me was listening to the same song and the massive volume and quality of the speakers made it all the more unbearable. The flood had already been set in motion, I stood there, helpless. I felt as if my feet were on fire. I was compelled to run away from the situation almost immediately.

But time heals everything, or so I have been told. Yes, it does, time does heal everything. But the amount of time you need to forget about the pain and let your scars heal is just not worth the initial struggle.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- http://pigeonsandplanes.com/in-depth/2015/11/sad-songs/591319

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