Midnight ramblings-V

“No, let me…”

My father paid me through school, college, tuitions and what not; paid heed to all my longings, desires and heart’s wishes.

Sometimes forced me to have things I later wished I didn’t, not because I lost my fancy or interest, but because I set him back by so many rupees.

I wasted too much of his precious money, which he had earned through sweat and perseverance by bunking tuitions and coaching. I wasted and whiled away my hours, not thinking about myself or the consequences.

Today, I’m doing a decent enough job and when I stop him from paying and instead pay from my wallet, I know though I cannot abridge the difference between his contribution and mine but I take pride in doing so.

This action of me preventing my father from paying something and then paying the same from my own pocket is a very unique feeling. One of those rare feelings you cannot describe.

In fact, today I listen to him (although it has been late, but better late than…) and I try not to waste his advice and money. Everything is superficially uber cool unless you face the consequences.

Had I listened to him, two years ago; life could’ve been very different. Maybe good, maybe bad, maybe just plain different.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-stop-blaming-your-parents-for-messing-up-your-life/

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