#insta_creations (Part-VIII)

1) The mall made him their Santa on Christmas night for delivering gifts to the customers until midnight.

Yet when he returned home, he could not bring anything for his son. Sadly, Santa’s sack was empty by then.

Even the festivities didn’t fail to discriminate people on monetary grounds.


2) And as the days passed, he learned to fill himself with the never-ending company of nothingness.


3) “I’m an open book,” she said before their relationship blossomed. He believed her.

Five months later, he wrote a book filled with her secrets.


4) He loved her, she did not.

He wanted her, she never imagined him in her life.

He grew impatient and desperate, she wanted to break free.

He started hating her and oddly enough, hate was more satisfying than love.


5) As time passed, he learned how to code passionately and write mechanically.


6)He was like the night.

Dark, gloomy and full of mysteries.

She was like the day.

Cheerful, carefree and relentless.

They could never be together-

For the Sun always came in between.


7) Night and day(Part-II)

She was his moon,

Shining like a beacon amidst the impenetrable darkness;

He was a traveler, lost in the folds of time

He followed her, through catastrophes and disasters alike

Only to find his moon missing…

She was camouflaged from his sight-

For she hid herself right in the folds where he lost himself.


8) He loved her, till the day she faded into one of his many memories. Though periodically, nostalgia did bite him hard.


9) A three-line paradox-

Hopeless infatuation leads to scars.
Scars beget scars.
Only the truest love can heal those scars.


10) Remembrance is much like a clap; it cannot work effectively in singularity. It has to be from both sides just as a clap requires two hands to sound decent.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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