Picture Prompt #15

(I am preparing for MICA, a premier B-School that focuses on Marketing and Brand Management and is one of the best in its league. The test called MICAT is different from other MBA entrance exams. It also has a creative writing and descriptive section wherein candidates are required to write a story based on a string of random images. Trying one for the upcoming exam, here is the first post)

Marvin was not unfamiliar with the world he lived in, the green was less, kindness lesser. The world was grey now, people were savages. Marvin was born into hell; his parents were killed by a group of adrenaline-infused savages. Yes, adrenaline was the new drug now, not marijuana, not LSD, not cocaine; as if the world wasn’t exciting enough.

Marvin always wondered how the world came to be as it is right now, he wasn’t educated, he didn’t know the value of tan 15 degrees but he did know how to use a scoped assault rifle. He had been providing his family, food with the help of the deadly instrument. Kiya and Maya were Marvin’s world, they too had been born into this hell hole.

There were days that Marvin wished they weren’t born into this rubble. Marvin lived on a small patch of land that was protected from frequent attacks from the ravagers by small hillocks on all sides of the property. He met his wife Audrey whilst he was hunting for food one day. Today was one such day.

As he lunged lightly on the ground to take aim, his scope caught some old dilapidated buildings in the background. Buildings were always good for looting useful objects and tools. As he was about to shoot, he heard the faint roaring of a jeep, typical of the ones used by the scavengers. He made a dash for the buildings, thinking today his family might have to sleep hungry.

The wooden floors creaked under his weight, Marvin tiptoed into the furthest recesses of the building keeping a clear view of the direction from where the sound of the engines came to a little while ago. The walls provided him with just the right amount of cover while maintaining a clear line of sight. Suddenly Marvin’s feet touched a wooden chest, curious he decided to open it, turning his neck often to check out for the ravagers.

Inside Marvin found something that was quite unexpected-

Mankind went too far, fifty years ago. A string of bio-nuclear war converted the blue haven into a dusty, grey dump. It’s funny how technology, when used in a certain way, can erase everything, undo all the good deeds done for thousands of years. Marvin was amongst the few hundred thousand survivors left on Earth. There were no successful colonization missions, the weight of continuing mankind was on the shoulders of adrenaline-fueled junkies.

Suddenly his head was filled with the stories his parents used to tell when he was a boy, of how the world ended within one month of the first nuclear bomb setting off. Marvin decided to do something about it, he grabbed the papers and exited the building slowly through the back door.

He figured if he could make people see what had happened, then they may all try to give another shot at forming a civilized human society.

No sooner had he exited the building, a multitude of shots were heard in the distance.


Image Source: Google.com

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