Midnight ramblings-VI (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

The conflict never stops, for within every one of us resides a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Both of them vie to take control of each other- none of them wins or do they? The other day I shouted at my mother for a reason trivial enough and a jiffy later, I realized my nefarious Edward Hyde had won over my sane and composed Dr. Jekyll though only for a short trice. Whenever I go out, I tend to help at least one beggar by paying him some money and in my mind I’m happy to help; happy knowing the fact that because of my money the poor man might gorge on a bit more. Or he may be dead in an unknown alley due to a drug overdose by the very money I gave him.

What matters is we must not give way to anger, for anger leads to hate, hate leads to loss of love and loss of love only propels us closer to death, inch by inch. We may be bodily living, but inside our soul rots and decomposes unable to break out from this fleshy barrier. Such is the consequence of a person filled up to the brim with hate.

Mr. Hyde

We all conceive our worst nightmares and it happens primarily due to the resident Mr. Hyde within us. He wants to weaken and cripple us from the inside-out, but we must revolt, resist and refuse to give into his claims. For as tempting as it may seem, everything has its own fair price. Nothing comes for free. Though we may not murder people by jumping and stamping them, surely we have our own moments which we’re not proud of. We all do.

Dr. Jekyll

Mr. Hyde’s docile and decent counterpart, we sport our Jekyll side more often than Hyde or at least try to; which makes us more humane. Dr. Jekyll, the amicable, amiable, good-natured person hides the murderous and malevolent Hyde; the serum in the story being pertaining to our conscience in real life. For in the story, as the serum helped suppress Hyde, our conscience does not allow most of us to give in. But some do, for their conscience and will are both feeble.

The constant battle between Jekyll and Hyde continues; but the question remains, who will endure? Who will sustain? Only god and time has the answer to that. Having unlimited raw power must feel good but having the will to abstain from it requires far greater power and responsibility as well. For all that is worth, I am sure we have our reasons for exposing any one of both sides. After all good and evil are both sides of the same coin; Hyde and Jekyll essentially shared the same body.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://www.learningliftoff.com/movie-monsters-in-literature-dr-jekyll-and-mr-hyde/


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