#insta_creations (Part-X)

1) “How much for him sahib?”, the helpless and teary-eyed mother questioned the dealer.

“A thousand rupees; not a rupee more”, the dealer answered curtly, eyeing the lean boy.

The mother smiled, her smile hiding the pain underneath. She ran, as fast as her frail legs would allow, to buy the food her son died to taste all these years.

Well, almost.


2) “My life is on the pages; waiting to be torn apart…

My hope lies in words; waiting to be struck out-

My strength is in ink, real and virtual;

Waiting to be lost in the elaborate folds of time.

My courage is in the boldness of what I write,

Waiting to be shaken and shell-shocked by criticism…”


3) You did not leave me hollow

Not even one bit so-

For what was love once; had disappeared

In its place, nothingness lived now-

High and low. High and low.


4) She was his drug.
He was her withdrawal symptoms.


5) With every passing day, you might think that you’re moving closer to death. But in reality, you’re walking out from life.


6) Coffee was a necessity.

Alcohol was tipsy and sloppy.

Marijuana was philosophical and topsy-turvy.

Cocaine was delusional and confusing.

LSD was, well, a mistake.

Cigarettes were life itself.

But, solitude was satisfying and peaceful.


7) Badly broken, beautifully glued.
Carefully torn, clumsily sewed.


8) Our love was like a dampened matchstick. It burned late, but when it did; nobody was there to share its warmth anymore.


9) Your stay with me for the briefest amount of time opened my heart to wounds and gashes. You leaving me was the equivalent of sprinkling of salt on them.


10) “…and we drifted apart into the never-ending cosmos, at the speed of light.”


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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