#insta_creations (Part-XVI)

1) At the stroke of midnight, his canines shone as he gave out a heinous howl. A pile of human skin lay strewn across the floor.


2) At the stroke of midnight, they started an awkward conversation. By 2:58 a.m. they had more than a chat screen in common.


3)Her goodbyes left a deep gash on me.
I bleed words now.


4)”Freedom is not a choice, it is a state of mind,” exclaimed the nouveau riche.

The homeless man outside with his body covered in trash thought about a cup of hot chocolate, cigarettes, and a warm, cozy blanket.


5)Infatuation is like the periodic dust that accumulates in between the folds of your bed-sheet every morning.


6)”How could I believe you?
How could you believe me?
How could anybody believe in each other?
When there’s a ‘lie’ that sits cozily in the middle?”


7)”The native Americans believed that taking a photograph of a person would forever trap a part of their soul within it.”
Seeing your picture every day, I wish it were true.


8)To others, the bottle of wine was half-full; for me, it was a quarter filled with love, the other quarter with sorrow and the rest with memories yet to be born. There was an ever diminishing meniscus called life, which differentiated between love and sorrow. Now that the wine was finished, the memories exhausted and the demarcations having vanished into thin air, I felt the thirst for belonging once more.


9)I’ll be your braille if you’ll be my crutch.


10)I found you under the most disastrous, but unexpected circumstances, like a murderer who finds a holy book tucked away in the corner of his stinking mattress. As the prison cell becomes his place of worship; you became mine.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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