Lessons from life-I

I looked at the abandoned train tracks ahead and laughed at the irony. I did not know, just like the tracks ahead, where my life was going, in which direction it was going to take. Funny thing is, years after, fully sober, much clear-headed and with a little bit of maturity in, I still don't.

A big thank you (to all my readers)!

As the year ends, we look at everything worthwhile that we have achieved. I tried to be as regular in blogging as possible, and the results showed. I gained many followers, improved my view count, reached so many countries and last but never the least, felt satisfied writing and sharing my content online (however bad … Continue reading A big thank you (to all my readers)!

#insta_creations (Part-XVIII)

We're all spiders spinning complicated webs of lies, confusion, hate, deceit, and betrayal; waiting to trap innocent, malnourished insects. Sometimes in a cruel play of irony, we end up getting caught in the web of another spider.