#insta_creations (Part-IV)

1) His Facebook profile showed-

‘It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.’

Within it along with numerous memorable pictures was the picture of his dead daughter; Facebook was wrong, his year was not great, nowhere near it.


2) “See there is a striking similarity between terrorists and artists; Sever one head and more shall grow in their place. We’re more stubborn than you’ll ever realize”
P.S- Killing over a graphiti? When will people ‘grow up’?


3) *Questions*

Who fueled your pride when you had nothing to call yours?

Who incited your envy when you desired everything?

Who nourished your gluttony when you stuffed everything you could possibly get your hands on?

Who charged your anger to avenge your loved ones?

Who sustained your greed for materialistic things?

Who did your work when you were filled with sloth?

Who made you so you could enjoy lust?


4) *Optimist vs Pessimist*

An optimist and a pessimist were taking a lonely stroll along the beach when they both decided to carve their names on the sand.

But no sooner had they written their names did the sea come and wash the names away.

Pessimist: What use of writing our names when they’ll get washed away by the sea!

Optimist: The sea will carry our names to lands distant and unknown. Think of how famous we’ll be!


5) *Thing*

“The ‘thing’ melted at once when he put it into his mouth,
He never knew such sweet ‘thing’ could exist in the world he knew of;
For his broken-toothed-smile and sun-kissed face said what he could not explain in words…

The cocoa farmer was perplexed and confused once told the ‘thing’ he was eating is made from the plants he painstakingly grows all year round.

The ‘thing’ was a chocolate bar!


6) *And there he was*

And there he was, lying on the road;

Gurgling up crimson red, with each passing moment his life did fade,

Broken glasses around him reflecting his last moments…

His bloodstained hands outstretched, he couldn’t even cry for help;

People all around, all turning a deaf ear.

And there he was, lying on the road;

And there he was no more.


7) *She*

For me ‘she’ is everything; ‘she’ is everything that I am not;

‘She’ is the perfect embodiment of the fairer sex; an epitome of desire, selflessness, and beauty,

‘She’ far outdoes the ‘he’.


8) *Lust*

“I Lust You”- her mellifluous voice ringed his ears, for the last time;
Before the phone was drained of its charge completely,
For the iterative recording was playing for the past five hours-
Her voice was the only thing he could cherish…


9) *On-screen/Off-screen*

On-screen his characters demanded he ravishes and molests every girl on the set-

Off-screen he was the most passionate and faithful husband his wife could’ve asked for.


10) Sitting alone in a corner of his room he couldn’t help but laugh and ponder over this statement-

“She came to his life as unexpectedly as she left.”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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