#insta_creations (Part-III)

1) A particular room in the chawl reverberated with the sounds of life;
The old walls and tiles echoing the cries of the new-
The mother was worried, instead of being happy;
For on her lap laid the fifth mouth to feed, how could she manage?
How could she be happy?


2) He loved Diwali,
Because of the crackers and bombs;
Until their stunning display of colors left him blind in the eyes


3) People meeting after some time-
“Long time no see”

People meeting in wars-
“I thought you’re dead”


4) “Miles to go, till my feet sore;
Miles to go, until I drop down dead”


5) “Ufff, the weight of my school bag filled with books is too heavy, I wish I’d never have to carry them around to school anymore” quipped little Mausam…

That day her wish came true along with another 135 Mausam(s), as their lifeless, bloodied and battered bodies lay strewn here and there…

Books can never stop bullets.


6) “Some people set the sky as their limit, some get lost in it… “


7) Dead night, alone a whisper…


8) My distant relative called me up the other day straight from the States!

Relative (at the middle of our conversation): I’d love to visit you in India, but it requires much fortitude to visit India!

(Imagine his atrocity!)

Me: Yes, well it took a lot of fortitude for us to send a craft to Mars costing so much less than a Hollywood movie on broken space shuttles!!! India is not the land of black magic and snake charmers anymore.


9) The countdown had already begun; a year will pass in six seconds,

The tiny lights shone like iridescent dew drops above the head;
Close by around the corner, for the beggar with the tattered clothes sans two legs…
Tomorrow was another day to fight & survive, just like any other.


10) He was lying on the beach, his back against the ocean;

Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven plucked into his ears,

The angry waves rose to staggering heights behind him.

Calls of desperation and help filled the air, looking around he sensed something ominous;

Turned his ba…


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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