Midnight ramblings-III

I open my eyes and a wave of memories and 14 years’ worth of recollections hit me hard. I remember my host’s name, Roshan. But his life is filled with darkness so severe and dense, it makes the light of hope lose its path. Sadness, pain, desperation, and frustration are strong emotions, and humans react either badly or rashly against them. Roshan is on the run, for killing a man; a man whom he knew quite too well. His father abused him every day, the scars on his shoulders were falling apart because they were not allowed to heal. In the dimly lit train compartment, as Roshan cries himself to sleep, I know it is time for me to leave.
I am Roshan’s repressed conscience.

The shriek of the whistle brings my surroundings back to me. I stare in horror, my gaze fixated on the bright light as my next host readies herself for suicide. During the brief moment that I inhabited her mind, I came to know her reason for this drastic measure. The love of her life was decapitated in front of her very eyes. Humans have been very rigid about accepting love, despite the fact that love is what made the human race prosper this far ahead, or below? I am confused.
I am Sumitra’s neverending hopelessness.

The small screen on the motorcycle reads 200. I feel the adrenalin, so does my host. The thrill is exhilarating, the speed, infectious, the feeling, intoxicating. I look around and notice the rapidly fleeting trees and buildings. Life is fleeting; life is nascent; life is precious. I act on my host and make him reduce the speed to a somewhat safe 100. My host needs to go to his loving family once he is done here.
I am Vashisht’s fleeting carelessness.

The mobile comes to life and inside the mind of my host, so do I. It is the girl he loves, Praneeta. My host loves her dearly but is afraid to approach her father. Karan believes he has to get a good job first, to ask her hand from her father. I see a mountain of books on the table across the room.
I am Karan’s undivided motivation.

I am the thread that binds more than seven billion people, but everyone takes it for granted. I inhabit everyone’s mind yet no one understands me. I am the strongest link between a mother and her child. I am the human consciousness.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://consciouslifenews.com/human-consciousness-far-3000-years-old/11145768/

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