“Oh shit!” I cried out. The next second I remembered I was not in my hostel where profanity was considered to be cool, but I was at home. My laptop had shut itself down, in violent protests against my mishandling. I was watching an animated movie on the Justice League of America where the Flash ran so fast, that his whole world shifted to a different timeline… Oh sorry, I get carried away far too much.

Click. Black-out. Shut.

I tried many antics of mine, including checking out the Hard disk for any possible damage. None. Nothing according to my limited knowledge. I decided to call a technician to whom I frequently sought help. “Bhaiya, where are you?…” Before he could reply I heard the din of traffic clashing against itself and I knew at once, help would come but eventually.

“This looks okay-ish to me”, I said cribbing on the inside. My laptop malfunctioned not less than an hour or so ago. The technician scratched his head, he did not do anything for which he could charge a penny. He just restarted the damn machine. I still asked him his charge, out of courtesy. To which he showed his cigarette stained teeth, obliviously conjuring up a cutthroat price in his mind. “Three hundred rupees”, he finally declared with an air of authority as if nothing could simmer the price down. I took the money from my father who questioned me about what went wrong; to which my answer was an expression. I hoped that my father would catch the cue and give me a new laptop, fast. By the way, he gave me two hundred.

“Does money grow on trees?” I attacked the technician first so that he would have little chance of recuperation and retaliation. I handed him two hundred rupees of my father’s hard-earned money. “Why is that every time you come, my laptop starts working normally again? Is it afraid of you or something?” I questioned, amused. “You see I’m the doctor and most patients are afraid of needles and blades…” he replied showing off his sarcastic side. “Whatever, ” I said to myself.

After seeing him off for good, I started the film again. This time Martian Manhunter is battling a supervillain, packing quite a punch when again the screen turned black showing nothing but my overwhelming expression. It is almost as if my laptop screen is trying to initiate a conversation with me.

Me: Well, why did you do that?

Screen: Serves you right. If anyone is to blame, it is you…

Me:  Why so?

Screen: You dare question? After all the negligence in your hostel? For days and night, I remained switched on frying in my own heat…

Me: But aren’t laptops supposed to be designed that way? Shut down if excessive heating occurs?

Screen: Exactly, that’s what I’m doing right now…

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- http://osxdaily.com/2017/04/02/fix-black-screen-wake-sleep-mac/

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