#insta_creations (Part-XII)

1) “I stood alone in the empty room and watched the diary die, the fire swallowing up the sentences whole till the alphabets ‘I’ and ‘You’ remained. But ‘I’ remained only for a while, before finally burning myself up along with it…”


2) I stood alone in the empty room and watched my body in the mirror, I realized I was full of imperfections. But then I realized, the mirror was broken…


3) Telling a lie is somewhat similar to smoking. You enjoy while doing it yourself, but get irritated when others blow it on your face.


4) I stood alone in the empty room with her lifeless body by my side. She looks ethereal, as ever. It may be a sick irony, but she looks even better now than when she was alive…


5) I stood alone in the empty room that smelled of death. My parents slept in front of me, their identity reduced to the little tags on their toes.


6) I was a half-burnt cigarette butt, you were a pile of dried grass. Our love created fire, and none of us survived.


7) “Challenge accepted,” thought the 18-year-old as he posted his black and white photograph on the social networking site.

“Challenge accepted,” thought another 18-year-old as he charged forward through the enemy territory with a jammed gun.


8) Be the climax hidden in the penultimate lines of a good story, waiting to be found out by everyone, but appreciated and understood only by a select few. Be a mystery, albeit a solvable one.


9) If you sow madness in your backyard, know that I’m the fertilizer.
If you reap madness, know that I’m the fruit.


10) “I’ve got an offer for you,” he said.

“What?” she retorted.

“You’ll suck my wounds dry and I’ll lick your scars clean…”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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