The grim game of Gods

“You’re betting I cannot?” smacked X-27.

“I did not say that, I merely said playing with time could get you killed. We’re not entitled that level of clearance.” C-89 coldly replied.

The Gods didn’t have names; they are reluctant to spend time unnecessarily naming every one of them. Assigning alphabets and letters to each ensured they are unique as the probabilities of duplication were literally nil.

“ME! KILLED?” How can it affect me? I AM A GOD! Besides I’m not even doing something bad. I’m giving the boy what he deserves. He earned this.

He was an ordinary chap, nothing screamed out of nature for boys his age. Though he had some ups and down in life controlling his emotions and love, who doesn’t? After securing a job, he was financially independent and decided to go on a trip with his parents. Unlike some, he was not the kind to shy away from responsibility. He decided to spend money this time, to treat his parents to some degree of comfort, to become responsible. So they decided to visit a nearby hill station to celebrate. After all, what better to bask in scenery than the hills?

“But you see, we are Gods. Among other powers, we have the ability to understand what a human thinks. He actually misses his parents. He was different before, he used to despise them. But now he is beginning to understand, look through the cracks. It is amazing how humans evolve continuously not only at a cellular level but also on an emotional one. There are not like us. Cold, calculative and condescending from birth.”

He has fewer friends, he is an introvert. But he is never second when he needs help and he will repay everybody who has helped him. Two folds even. But he detests social contact and avoids it irrefutably. As the vehicle twists and turns following the roads etched across the hills, I see his mind cloud; similar to the mist enveloping the hills. He wanted this trip with his parents so badly, and now that they are almost on the finish line, he wants it to continue forever. Like a loop. These seven days of his life repeated over and over again until he felt tired of it. But for now, he wished he could continue the iteration…

“Imagine the effect this will have!” remarked C-89. It would be a lie to say he wouldn’t enjoy the consequences, but then they were slaves of hardened logic; heavier than iron. Not willing to bend even a little on its own.

“He keeps an extremely low profile; he doesn’t mix well with his team even. The number of people impacted will be very less, negligible even. People will forget him, that’s what he wants, isn’t it? Their software industry requires the maximum amount of socializing and selling themselves. Pfft, as if humans are some product, gift wrapped for using. It is a relief that we have our own software built into us.”

Saying this, X-27 waved his long rope-like fingers over the simulation screen. The loop had begun. Within moments, X-27 saw C-89 disintegrating and he was quick to follow suit.

“That’s it!” Remarked C-89 and X-27, almost in unison. The truth was visible, the underlying logic apparent. Time was the greatest God there is, was and will be. Gods created humans but time created Gods.

What happened was the main protagonist, though an introvert had come into contact with people who would grow up to become important people. Important enough to change the course of the world, people who were amongst in his extremely selective tiny group. Moreover, the intricate tapestry that time had woven around our protagonist should’ve never been pestered with. A whole reality hanging by a loose thread, a whole reality hanging by time.

Everybody is important in constructing the world as it is now, right now. From an ant scurrying across your feet to an airplane whizzing above your head, ’now’ is the product of an intricate pattern of choices, decisions, and lessons all undertaken under the invisible and shadowy wings of time. And everybody had equal contributions towards it. This was the truth. The truth was time was like a liquid, unlike the ironed logic. Time always had repercussions and exaggerations to the highest degree. 

© Biswadeep

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12 thoughts on “The grim game of Gods

  1. In times when each one is so obsessed with the self and the importance of their own beliefs and opinions, the last para is like a breath of fresh air. Very interesting read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ Please go through my other posts as well! Maybe you can find something you like 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ Please go through my other posts as well! Maybe you can find something you like 🙂


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