Midnight friends whisper

Midnight friends whisper,

Strange stories and mystical tales;

Those I want to hear, those I want to dream-

When the night is deep, with no stars in the sky.

Midnight friends talk, but softly,

Softly into my ears, their voice seductive as imported honey;

Voices that lull me to sleep, heavy as morning drowsiness-

I dream, of a world without you

It is a terrible dream, albeit only a dream.


Midnight friends slur, incoherent,

That I buy more of them, they are not never-ending you know;

I buy them, only to hear their whispers; and to dream momentarily-

My feet are unsteady and complain vigorously

Before being carried away on the alcoholic pyre.


Midnight friends keep rambling,

I continue the hellish nightmare, only to find;

I’m late; for my own funeral.

Trapped in a bottle, waiting to be finished.

I leave the bottle all but finished-

I live in the drops left behind.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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