But first, let me take a selfie!

[I wrote this story almost four years ago! I am posting the story as it was, four years ago. Please forgive me for any errors that might have crept in. Hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.]

‘Natalya, Nikita come quickly, it is time for a selfie!’ chirped the bubbly Tanya sitting on a fluffy cushion inside a posh mall. Natalya would be twenty this November, barely two months after today. They were having a warm and lovely time at the mall and the day was normal, just like any other day. After all it always snowed in Russia! “улыбка пожалуйста” (Smile please!) said a delighted Tanya while the three girls pretty in a plethora of colored dresses smiled for the camera (and the whole world!) considering the fact that these photos would soon be uploaded on the internet.

Out of the three girls, Tanya was the oddity, she had an obsession of taking selfies- of herself and her friends; just to show the world how good a time she was having. Not that she was anything against beautiful, but her obsession had previously caused her delayed arrival at her destinations, not to mention the times when she had failed to make preemptive calculations and failed. All because of the urge to click a selfie, everywhere, every time and with everyone she knew of.

Natalya had only bit into a tiny morsel of her burger when she noticed a multitude of people running in helter-skelter everywhere; apparently the top floor of the mall had caught fire and it was only when the fire got much worse did the people present there noticed. The three girls got up and went frenetic in a matter of seconds, but Tanya was missing. “Come on Tanya, the girls screamed!” Tanya would definitely not miss this moment to take a selfie when a large chunk of concrete fell on her head permanently squishing her and along with it her dream of talking a perfect selfie.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://www.videoblocks.com/video/girls-do-the-selfie-in-mall-43b1gszuxijg4gkq1

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