Picture this, you go out of your house to do a random chore and by sheer chance hit upon a close friend of yours who writes. You decide to ask him, “Whom do you write for?” and chances are that your friend will reply that he writes for his readers, the masses, anyone who is willing to grace his work for a fleeting moment before being consumed by something else entirely. Chances are your friend will say that he writes for the common folk.

A good writer strives for appreciation as much as he strives for constructive criticism; and how can he expect criticism and/or appreciation when his content is only out there for a select few? It is much more difficult to convey heartwarming and heart wrenching emotions through the tactical use of fundamental elements than resorting to serpentine words with equally esoteric contexts. It is not impossible to create something complex from something simple which evokes feelings even in the coldest of hearts. Difficult, yes; impossible, not nearly.

My mother makes a very good point about this very topic- “It is hard to cook a delicious meal with little to no spices in them than to cook a tasty lunch with the help of a complex assortment of seasonings.” Albeit simplicity is the key; there is no limit to the intricacies of emotions that a writer has the freedom of eliciting in a particular situation. We must strive to write well, readers will follow if what we write is good enough.




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