#insta_creations (Part-XVII)

1)May I be the salt in your tears, so that you can taste it innocently?

2) Life and death were dedicated lovers, but no love is complete without a heart-wrenching quarrel. Every time they quarreled, somebody died an agonizing death. Every time they reconciled, someone drew their first breath.

3) I’ll be your skin if you’ll be my goosebumps.

4) He had heterochromia iridium; one of his iris was blue and the other, black. Everybody labeled him as a freak, some went to even greater lengths and said he had the eyes of a demon.

But to her, he was perfect, as perfect as perfection itself. She saw her sky and darkness reflect through his eyes.

“What do you love about me,” he asked playfully.
“Your eyes,” she replied and returned back the smile.
“Because they remind me how imperfect we can be in the eyes of many but just perfect in the eyes of one.”

His soul had dual colors from that day onwards.

5) “But how much is forever?”

“Till the time you feel tired and decide to leave me behind and move on…”

6) I’m a scavenger of sorts, picking up emotions on the road of life. I’ve filled my pockets with anger, hope, jealousy, love, greed, empathy, hatred, sympathy, lust and a lot, which is an amalgamation of two or more of any of the emotions mentioned here.

I ran out of pockets, long back. I had to spill some to fill in the rest. More than a quarter of my journey later, I’ve realized that love wasn’t needed much. Not in this world, not in this lifetime. Maybe in some other…

7) The hungry model satiated herself with hungry stares from the onlookers. Both craved meat, albeit in different forms.

8) If I could imagine my whole life in a book, you’d be the bookmark. Every time I open the book to read or to write a new chapter, I’m reminded of you.

9) I’ll wait for a world which will use words as viruses to infect the heart, the brain, and the soul. I’ll see you there.

10)She looked beautiful in a snapchat filter, decorated with virtual flowers. Not very far away, a little girl who sold flowers for a living scolded her tummy for being hungry.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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