YouTube Channel List

If my more than nine years of binge-watching YouTube channels have taught me anything, it’s that YouTube is a place where you can be productive (by knowing and learning about stuff) and kill time at the same instant! With the lockdown scenario upon us, I call upon my trusted (albeit changing over the years) friend, YouTube to shower us with the fire of knowledge, trivia and all things that come in between.
I have created a list of channels that I consider are good, and I have taken the liberty of classifying them under various sections as well. Please comment if I missed out on a good channel so that I can add to the list!

  1. Business and Economics

2. Comedy

3. Cinema, Books, Art & Psychology

4. Commentary Channels

5. Gaming

6. History

7. Late Night Television

8. Mathematics

9. Media and Journalism

10. Pet Channels

11. Scary – Stories/ Horror

12. Science and Technology

13. Space and Cosmos

14. Trivia

15. Miscellaneous

Playlists- (Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural) (Things you might not know)


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