#insta_creations (Part-I)

  • “She saw him, he saw her,

Though only a glimpse, both of them sighed-

For he loved her still, but she loved him ages ago…”


  • “As disoriented steps of her husband approached the facade;

She held onto her weapon tightly, something inside told her to fight…

Tonight had to be different, instincts told her.”


  •  “The pizza delivery guy parked his cheap scooter by the gate;

A beggar was sitting at a stone’s throw from there,

Though neither of them was fortunate enough to savor the pizza,

One was lucky enough to smell it…”


  • “‘You’ve got mouths to feed, you’ve got to get a job’, his head echoed…

His heart whispered, ‘Don’t you want to write? Do what you feel like’…

It was apparent that the clash had started between his vitals”


  • “He thought that this was his masterpiece, ‘coz he had spilled blood and ink for days on this,

‘This could not be more perfect’, he thought, let me share it with the world;

‘This is too long, I’ll definitely read it later’, they said…

‘No praise, only despair in return’. ”


  • “He was the embodiment of Hanumaan, wriggling his little faux tail;

People did not pay heed to this little god, lest money,

Little Hanumaan was immensely afraid, for his stomach would fill with

blows today, not food…”


  • “The sinner prayed to Maa Durga for wealth and prosperity, And in

between atonement for his sins-

For inside a dark and humid room lay a bloodied young girl, half dead in her teens;

The victim…”


  • “Sticks and stones may break your bones,

But words will hurt you forever…

For words taint your soul black, you’ll bleed in despair… ”


  • “What does Pujo mean to you?” I asked the little boy-

“It is an amalgamation of beautiful lights and joyous people”…

The paralyzed boy replied, sitting in his wheelchair,

In the verandah that overlooked the main road.


  • “Inside the pandal, Devi Durga and her divine children ushered their blessings to all,

Adorned with beautiful, decorative and shiny dresses…

Outside, carrying Ganesh and Karthik, with her two daughters on either side was another Devi,

She was begging alms, not for her but for her hungry children.”


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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