#insta_creations (Part-III)

5) “Ufff, the weight of my school bag filled with books is too heavy, I wish I'd never have to carry them around to school anymore” quipped little Mausam...

That day her wish came true along with another 135 Mausam(s), as their lifeless, bloodied and battered bodies lay strewn here and there...

Books can never stop bullets.

#insta_creations (Part-II)

9. "Four 14-year-old boys, their story juxtaposed by me-

The first died saving his schoolmates from a terrorist attack, he stood his ground while the others did flee-

The second a child labor, sweating and toiling hard day and night, with no option of glee;

The third munching on his burger and French fries eying the next with gluttony...

The fourth, too unfortunate for there he sat beside the temple, begging, under God's constant grace, with no eyes to see "