#insta_creations (Part-II)

1. “The bereaved mother went mad,

Every time Sindoor khela made its way during the pujas;

For she had unknowingly played with her son’s blood-

Right after the accident claimed his life and spared her


2. “Amid gushing waters, the boy held-

Holding to the full capacity, his hand could weld.

Salvaging what he could, from the idol,

The goddess had bequeathed him everything she had…”


3. “He was mad, many people claimed;

Who else would’ve jumped into the tiger’s den?

Right into the very jaws of death?

‘But shouldn’t you have tried to save him?’ I ask…

‘Instead of taking videos and throwing stones?’ I question again; They all remain mum…


4. “I want to lose myself in your eyes…

Like a dinghy on an incomprehensible ocean;

Your lips, the only island on it

The last method for my salvation…”


5. “He was twenty-three; she had barely crossed eighteen;

They were madly in love; decided to get their bond tightened,

Married happily he got a job as a salesman…

Five years hence, he sold her…”


6. “Daughter (flabbergasted): Baapu how did you manage all this? The lights, food, arrangements? Where did you get the money from?

Father (Laughing): You forgot the dowry!!!

What Beetiya did not understand was that Baapu now had only one kidney instead of two”


7. “As the over-crowded bus prepped to set into motion;

It bellowed a gust of synthetic black pollen,

That swallowed up the sapling growing by the road…

Another planet shared the same fate…Earth”


8. “Two conflicting and contradictory nations,

Divided by boundaries;

United by charity and selflessness…

And the best accolade there is, the worst will soon be behind us. ”


9. “Four 14-year-old boys, their story juxtaposed by me-

The first died saving his schoolmates from a terrorist attack, he stood his ground while the others did flee-

The second a child labor, sweating and toiling hard day and night, with no option of glee;

The third munching on his burger and French fries eying the next with gluttony…

The fourth, too unfortunate for there he sat beside the temple, begging, under God’s constant grace, with no eyes to see ”


10. A conversation between a boy, his mother, and father-

“Boy: Mother why are bombs made?

Mother: So that people may kill each other;

Boy: Why do people kill?

Mother: Because they don’t trust no one,

Boy: Oh! So trust was gone the moment people started bombing?

Father(from another room): Trust was gone the moment people began pointing fingers at one another.”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself


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