#insta_creations (Part-XIV)

1) To others, the bottle of wine was half-full; for me, it was a quarter filled with love, the other quarter with sorrow and the rest with memories yet to be born. There was an ever diminishing meniscus called life, which differentiated between love and sorrow. Now that the wine was finished, the memories exhausted and the demarcations having vanished into thin air, I felt the thirst for belonging once more.


2) Your dimples were large enough to accommodate my heart and yet more. My tears could fill in the rest perfectly.


3)You will be the last poem I shall think of, before dying.


4)I stood on the edge of sanity, and jumped. You were the safety pad on which I fell. But little did I realize that my repeated falls rendered you useless and we both suffered. I broke my soul to pieces and you tore your heart into shreds trying to protect me.


5)I’m a fabric drenched in agony and desperation. Your goodbyes made me wriggle the cloth in frustration, extruding words. I still collect those words in my soulful bucket hoping to rinse myself of the trauma you left in your wake.


6)At eighteen years of age, love meant hundreds of messages and hours of talking about random half-hearted topics.


7) At sixty, love meant washing the dishes every now and then and sometimes surprising her with a breakfast of a half-burned toast and coffee.


8)The color did not matter; nor did the material with which the medal was made of. Gold or Silver or Bronze. All that mattered was the fact that she represented a billion people, won a billion hearts and gave birth to a billion dreams. All this amidst incorrigible corruption, female infanticide, vicious poverty, incessant bullshit speaking wannabe celebrities, and never ending patriarchy. She is a rebel and today, she birthed a rebellion.


9)A gold spoon vs. the hand. The former could not provide the comfort the latter did.


10)“How much does this assault rifle cost?”

“Well, we’re having a heavy discount this season. Only one-third of your soul and a half of your conscience and you’re ready to go.”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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