7 Shocking Facts About the Bermuda Triangle

Perhaps one of the most intriguing places on planet earth, the Bermuda Triangle is a place that has fascinated mankind since the early days of travelling and adventure. An area linked to missing ships, planes and boats, the Bermuda Triangle truly is one of the mysteries yet to be solved by scientists all around the world. Although the name Bermuda Triangle’ does not exist, the physical triangular portion where the disappearances occur has been infamous for decades. Only a few people who have ever travelled to the area have lived to tell the tale. Ships have been found intact, with food served on the table but the crew missing; almost as if the people on board just vanished into thin air!

The area is enclosed within the islands of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the mainland of Florida. Any ship or plane which passes through this area or even the area outside the triangle faces severe problems in navigation and undergoes machinery malfunction. Here is Digital Dribble’s list of some of the most likely causes (though they may seem absurd) of this intriguing phenomenon-

  • Compass Disorientation

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places on Earth where the compass does not point to the North but in an arbitrary direction. This makes planes and ships go haywire which leads to them getting lost. It is also said that the compass points to the true North which is just the opposite of the Magnetic North. This causes confusion among pilots and sailors alike and they end up going in opposite or incorrect directions instead of the intended one.

  • The Triangle and Columbus

Perhaps the earliest recorded evidence of the Bermuda Triangle was given by Christopher Columbus. The early age explorer was the first to report that he had seen a fireball in the night sky and that his compass had also stopped functioning near the area. This proves that the location was complicated from the very first day. Columbus’s compass behaved in a mysterious manner and his crew had difficulty determining the directions. This whole episode took place on Columbus’s first trip to the Bermuda Triangle area.

  • No Sign of Debris or Wreckage

There is generally no sign of any remnants or wreckage of the planes or ships. As astounding as it may sound, the reason behind this is primarily attributed to the strong current called the Gulf Stream which carries the wreckage to several hundred miles before depositing it there. Therefore, it is a waste to look for wreckage or debris in such areas. The stream runs right through the triangle and carries all the debris with it.

  • UFO Sightings and Wild Guesses

Many people think that the Bermuda Triangle is a landmark for aliens and creatures from parallel worlds to embark on, and people living near the Triangle have reported strange activity every now and then. Though many believe this to be a hoax, for some this is a credible reason for the events happening there. Bright lights and fiery balls like the one Columbus described have been seen by onlookers several times in the last couple of years. Though scientists and explorers are still looking for answers, the topic of aliens and extraterrestrial creatures are sure to provoke debates amongst many.

  • Disappearance

The Bermuda Triangle’s claim to fame was the disappearance of fighter jets back in the year 1945. Five US military aircraft (Navy Avenger torpedo bomber planes) were practising a routine drill that would stretch from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini. The total flight time was supposed to be around an hour but after 90 minutes the radio tower received a signal that the compass had malfunctioned. The communication was severed and three planes that went in search of those planes also mysteriously disappeared.

  • Electronic Fog

This type of fog gets its name from the malfunction it causes to the planes’ equipment and compass. Mostly described as being fluorescent, this fog spirals into a vortex of dizzying proportions. A famous survivor of the fog, the author Bruce Gernon claims to have experienced the effects of the fog first hand. He believes that the fog is a kind of wormhole and alleges that he was transported hundreds of miles by entering the vortex at one end and exiting it at the other. He even maintains that he did not have enough fuel to make it to Miami Beach!

  • Human Error

Another cause (albeit unlikely) is that it is human error that causes ships to sink and planes to crash. However, it is noteworthy that exclusively this part of the ocean has claimed more than 1000 persons in the last 100 years and statistics say that about 4 planes and 20 yachts go missing every year. 

Human error: an important ingredient in great designs | by Emanuel  Serbanoiu | UX Collective

The question remains. Why? Why would human error cause ships to sink and planes to crash and compass needles to behave erratically at this exact spot? The Bermuda Triangle continues to be one of the biggest enigmas in the modern world, right in line with the Pyramids, crop circles and Stonehenge.

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