5 Most Strange and Weird things ever sold on eBay

eBay is one of the world’s most famous e-commerce websites where uncountable commodities are bought and sold daily. eBay has its own auction forums where users buy and upload items for selling. Over the years a lot of strange and absurd items have found their way into these auctions like entire countries, hair of famous personalities, towns, strange artefacts and many more. Some of the strangest and weirdest are mentioned down below-

  • Bridgeville,CA

An entire town for sale! Cannot believe it? Well, you would not be the first to say that, obviously. The entire town of Bridgeville in California was brought by a businessman for a hefty and mind-boggling $1.78 million. The almost 82-acre plot or 33-hectare plot has only 25 or so living residents and a post office which functions till now as well as restaurants, bars, but they are not working as they were closed decades ago.

The privately-owned town in 2002 was offered as much as $1.77 million, much more compared to the asking price of $750,000. In 2006 the town was bought at around $1.25 million. The local timber business dried up many years ago and the town started declining in business and other activities. The Lapples family originally bought the town at $150,000 in the year 1973. The town is in a bad condition and needs heavy initial investment to bring it back on track again.

  • Cornflake the shape of Illinois

Another weird deal was observed when two sisters from Virginia sold a cornflake resembling the state of Illinois for a startling $1,350 in the year 2008. The flake was bought by Monty Kerr who owns a website called www.triviamania.com and previously too he had bought what was called the world’s largest cornflake.

Though the auction for the flake did not last long as it violated the company’s policies and the sisters had to take it off the site. But their deal was done and they spent the money on a nice vacation! Following this incident, many people claimed that their chips and cornflakes to be versions of states and other objects. The whole world was amazed that even a cornflake could sell at over $1,000.

  • Lunch with Warren Buffet

Want to have lunch with one of the world’s all-time richest persons? Well, you might have to shell out a staggering $3 million or more! The first lunch was auctioned at $25,000 in the year 2000 and the bidding starts from that price and rises up to multimillions within a span of twenty to thirty bids or less.

The funds are donated to an organization called Glide which is based in San Francisco and is an anti-poverty organization that does charity. The lunch takes place in Manhattan’s one of the best steakhouses where the annual charity event of Glide also takes place. With the prices rising, it is definitely going to get hard for diehard fans of Mr Buffet to shell out millions for one dinner.

  • Life for sale!

A striking incident once more, a man decided to sell his life on eBay along with everything he owned! Ian Usher, from England, became depressed and frustrated following his divorce that he decided to auction his entire life including his house, his Mazda car, a motorbike, parachuting and jet-ski gear. It also included an introduction to his friends and the fact that he worked as an assistant of sales at a rug shop.

The proceeds of the auction, a humongous over $200,000 have been utilized by Usher in buying an island in the Caribbean. To overcome his depression, he has turned into a writer, motivator and speaker. He has again found love and his girlfriend’s name is Venessa. He stays on the island with a couple of hens and goats.

  • Ghost in a jar!(Almost sold)

Again another unique thing to be posted on eBay, the jar was almost sold at an excess of $50,922. The ghost present in the jar is described as a blackish entity. The jar was bid many times but ultimately did not sell at the bidding price. Thank god for that!
The seller Teajay101 described being pestered by the ghost and wrote on the site that once sold he would not be responsible if the entity escaped the jar. The bidder did not pay at the last moment. Though not sold this ghost in a jar is true enough and deserves to be on the list.

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