A big thank you (to all my readers)!

As the year ends, we look at everything worthwhile that we have achieved. I tried to be as regular in blogging as possible, and the results showed. I gained many followers, improved my view count, reached so many countries and last but never the least, felt satisfied writing and sharing my content online (however bad or good they might be).

Here are a few pictures to validate the same-


This would be my 100th post for this year!


I crossed 500 total like in the middle of the year, many more have accumulated since then! Thank you, everyone, for this, a simple like goes a long way of rewarding a writer/poet and reinforces the idea that their content is valued online.


I crossed 200 likes the beginning of the year and the numbers have been piling up like crazy since then. Daily blogging is the sure shot way to success for a blogger (especially the ones like myself who are struggling to make a mark for themselves).


Next year I solemnly swear to touch the entirety of the globe! 

WordPress_3 (2)

Crossed a total of 200 posts recently!


I gained a whopping 116 followers! Yaay! This might be a small number for many but the fact that 116 people want to see more of my content blows my mind.


My stats are not that impressive, I know, but frankly, I know I can only scale up from here.


Source- https://counterintuity.com/a-blog-about-blogging/

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