#insta_creations (Part-XIX)

1) Read me a eulogy of our times together, so that my soul may shed a tear or two of longing; a microcosm of what we felt without each other. The only downside is that given enough time, almost everything heals.


2) What if we are the product of someone else’s imagination? A figment of their thoughts and their mind limited only by the sheer capacity of their thinking?


3) We are a crude sponge, sucking away on a plethora of emotions, cultures, violence, lust, greed and hate while walking on the year road towards all-consuming eternal oblivion.


4) When we are being made in our mother’s wombs, when we are in the process of being born, the universe whispers all of its secrets to us. Including humanity. When we finally make it outside, we cannot convey the secrets. They are dismissed as babies’ babbles. As we grow up, we eventually forget them. Then maybe an instant before death, we remember it all; but by then, it has already been too late.


5) You’re afraid of love, afraid that once it consumes you, you won’t be able to turn away from it. Yes, one cannot love with the same intensity once the heart’s broken. But you’ll crave love, maybe not like an addict but sometimes you’ll feel alone. And sometimes, love will drizzle on your windows; the leftover lust from the night before.

6)Love is nothing but a stimulus in response to preserving our kind, love is a reaction against extinction. Love is a biochemical reaction spawning fool-hardy reactions and awkwardness among many, but nevertheless, it is beautiful.


7) “And in one swift revelation I realized you cannot survive without me,” said the neck to the noose.


8) When life stares back at you, be afraid, but don’t blink.


9) In a lot of ways love is like magic, when you get to know the secret behind what makes them both work, they both become unnecessary distractions.


10) Isn’t it fascinating that the only stories that can move mountains and souls alike are real ones?

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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