7 People Who Cheated Death

Cheating death is an extremely rare thing and not many people claim to have survived after being shot multiple times. However, the ones mentioned in this listicle managed to stay alive against all odds! Here’s presenting Digital Dribble’s list of people who managed to cheat the angel of death. Undeterred determination to live or just plain old luck? You decide.

Wenseslao Moguel

In 1915, Wenseslao Moguel was captured while fighting in the Mexican Revolution. Without a fair trial, he was ordered to be executed by a firing squad. Moguel was attacked by gunmen who shot as many as nine bullets including a final one to the head to ensure he was dead. Despite that, Moguel survived and escaped with his life after his ‘execution’ and became a celebrity appearing on the 1937 radio show Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (picture below). There’s even a song about the man!

Ahad Israfil

Ahad Israfil is a victim of a gunshot from Ohio who got shot in his head when his employer carelessly knocked a firearm to the floor. He was just 14 when he was accidentally shot and this encounter almost destroyed his cerebral hemispheres and brain tissues. Miraculously, he managed to pull through. This allowed doctors to operate on him and place a silicone block on his head. His skin was pulled over the scalp, giving him a fairly normal look. Ahad was able to complete his degree and he now uses a wheelchair. Since the incident, he has also appeared on many shows including Ripley’s Believe it or Not and World of Pain.

Joseph Guzman

In November of 2006 Sean Bell and his two friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield were shot by the NYPD. After what is said to be 50 rounds of firing, Bell succumbed but Guzman managed to survive. The detectives who shot the three men said that Joseph and his friends were throwing flamethrowers and creating chaos and the police had been forced to intervene. After the doctors operated and took out the 19 bullets from Guzman’s body, he was able to go back to leading a relatively normal life. 

Richard Blass

A Canadian mobster, Blass had a penchant for killing and escaping assassinations. In 1968 he managed to escape an assassination attempt on himself while he was having drinks at a bar completely unscathed. Later, closer to his hometown Montreal, he was tracked by the mafia to a hotel ‘Manoir de Plaisance’ which was set ablaze but Blass still survived. Once he even suffered gunshot wounds to his head but he continued to persist and has now become famous for evading death multiple times. 

Channing Moss

Moss was in the army patrolling near the Pakistan border when they were suddenly ambushed by the Taliban. It was during that ambush that Moss discovered that he had been hit with an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade). Although the rocket did not explode, it did result in Moss being unconscious. It was only later when he was airlifted and treated at a hospital that the doctors discovered that he had a whole live rocket inside of him. The missile barely missed his vital organs and he survived. Moss was awarded the oldest U.S military award, the Purple Heart.

Markeisha Brooks

A 23-year-old Markeisha Brooks was shot in the stomach by Virginia Wyche who is reported to have been her close friend from a social networking site. Soon after she was shot, the 6 months pregnant Brooks slumped on her stomach and started to cry. Although she managed to survive the life-threatening attack, her unborn child died immediately on the spot.

50 Cent

Curtis Jackson, better known to the world as 50 Cent was shot outside his Connecticut house nine times by a man called Darryl Baum who was allegedly working for Kenneth McGriff, a kingpin about whom 50 Cent had written a song.  The police found the culprit in a nearby house and arrested him. Although he was severely wounded, 50 Cent made a narrow escape that day!

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