5 Strange Japanese Inventions and their Stranger Uses

The art of making inventions that are original, unique and innovative is called chindogu. While these gadgets may be strange, they are bound to make you laugh and tickle your imagination. Since most of these inventions are absurd, they are never put into practical use or sold. Invented by Dr Nakamats in the late 1980’s Chindogu is an exclusive feature of Japan.

Some features of chindogu are as follows-

  • It cannot be for real use.
  • For chindogu to be made; it must be real and have real-world applications.
  • They are tools for everyday life.
  • Chindogu is never for sale.
  • Humour must not be the reason to create a chindogu.
  • They must never favour anybody, and the owner must never patent them. This way, they can be used by all.
  • Chindogu is never considered taboo and must not be used as propaganda.

Now let’s look at Digital Dribble’s list of the strangest Japanese chindogu inventions!

  • Personal Rain Saver

One of the quirkiest inventions ever created, this gadget is your personal rain saver! With the price of bottled water shooting through the roof, what’s better than these rain saving devices that also act as a source of pure drinkable water?

The device seems to be an inverted umbrella connected to a jar via a plastic pipe which fills up the jar gradually. Genius isn’t it? You can use it as your personal water source! Unless of course, you’re too embarrassed to be seen with a device like this in public.

  • Subway Sleepers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good nap on the subway? Turns out,  the Japanese are charmed by the idea and have even managed to create a chindogu for it!

This gadget has a helmet and a vacuum tube that sticks to the glass wall. It even comes equipped with a small piece of paper stating the name of your destination so that a good Samaritan can wake you up once the station arrives!

  • Duster Slippers

Vacuum cleaners may be the perfect thing for cleaning up your floor, but why spend so much money when your pet or even your baby could clean those floors and make them shine? Incredible but true!

You can make your cat or even your newborn infant wear these useful duster slippers or clothes and count on them to make your whole apartment spick and span. Granted, they might just move in the same spot repeatedly, but it would be an adorable sight!

  • Umbrella Tie

Given that Japan is an island nation, they are just as irritated by the erratic weather as other island countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have invented so many versions of the umbrella. One particular kind that really catches the eye is the combination of an umbrella and a tie.

Convenient, handy and easy to use, these hybrid products can be used in case of a sudden downpour. Although the fashion statement damaged or redefined by them could still be a cause for worry!

  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend Pillows

These boyfriend and girlfriend pillows are definitely the epitome of both the originality and the absurdity of chindogu.

Do you feel lonely sometimes? Do you have trouble sleeping alone? Do you crave the warmth of a romantic partner?

If your answers to all the above questions are ‘yes’, then these pillows might be the perfect gift for you! Designed as the cuddly quarter of a person (for women)  and a comfortable lap to sleep on (for men) these pillows are sure to be your constant companions till you find the one!

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