[Review-1] Opinions about The Bhairav Putras by Suhail Mathur

Name- The Bhairav Putras

Author- Suhail Mathur

Publisher- Red Ink Publishers

ISBN (10) – 8192932494

ISBN (13) – 9788192932491


The Bhairav Putras is Suhail Mathur’s debut book and the story revolves around the people of Bhairavgarh fighting against oppression and injustice meted out by the British Raj. Keshav, the protagonist gathers wit fully a band of rebels from different walks of life to fight- until the very end if need be.  The British headed by the ruthless Captain John Robbins will do anything to tame the people of the town. Keshav is the zamindar’s son and is revered and respected by all hatches a brilliant plan to oust the British. He is helped along the way by the mysterious figures who seem to appear and disappear without any clues. With a sprinkle of sorcery, an all-knowing book and with the book ending from a classic scene of a wild west Hollywood movie the story is extremely intriguing and the book is definitely a page-turner. So grab your copies today.


  • The plot is gripping and the storyline could not have been more perfect and apt.
  • The characterization is very good considering this the debut book of the author.
  • Keshav, the protagonist is witty and stands out from the others all thanks to his brain and his extremely witty and sarcastic phrases and one-liners. This shows the amount of thinking and contemplation done by the author.
  • The way Suhail has connected the dots throughout the entire novel is commendable.


  • The plot gets predictable at times, mostly in the middle.
  • The story drags on at the end.

My rating-

  • Cover Design- 4/5
  • Storyline and plot- 4/5
  • Characterization- 3.5/5
  • Overall- 4/5


You can buy the book at- The Bhairav Putras

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