Picture Prompt#4

The Mona Lisa Frown

She was welcomed with open arms,

Her eyes glistened as she daydreamt

Looking ethereal in her wedding dress.

But love was nascent,

As all good things are.


Akin to her virginity,

On her first day with him.

He did her like there was no tomorrow.

She was surprised, and blushed

Her cheeks taking the hue

Of an orgasmic red.

Kisses beckoned slaps,

Affection gave way to abuse,

She was but a hawker

Selling lust at odd hours…

To her single customer

He treated her like dirt

Trampling upon her repeatedly.

Her shrieks reverberated within herself.

Pounding her soul and self alike…

Hammering with a humongous force.

Her brassiere flew low-

Insignia that she was taken,

Like a hunter takes the hunted

And she cried ink.

Black ink pored over paper

Murdering him

Not once, not twice

But many times over.

Her anger extruded via her scribbling-

But when would enough actually be ENOUGH?

Her writings turned darker,

Her ramblings sharper

She became a puzzle

Put forward by some deranged individual…

In her dreams, she fled

To new lands, free

Where the grass was black

Blacker than the ink

Coursing through her veins

One day she bathed in his blood, drank it even

Desperation converted into accidental courage,

She laughed and giggled, as she did on the day of her marriage-

The husband convulsed until his fight was over, hers were too…

And their nuptial vows of being together forever

Remained unfulfilled.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy-Satyaki Sarkar

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