Masks (#NaPo_Wrimo)

She had several masks hanging from the wall,

Their faces, drooping;

Each perfect enough to impeccably cover her skull,

Characterized by age old lines;

Each line recounted a memory-

Told a story,

Horrible or sad,

Happiness or envy,

Horrific or mad,

Intimidation or just plain bad.


“Which one should I wear today?”, she resonated with the question;

The other day she was raped,

She wore the wrong mask;

She smiled as the cold unforgiving steel,

Pricked her navel,

She forgot to bring the mask of desperation and anger;

In an evenly mixed ratio-

A bad mistake on her part.

Or the mask she wore whenever somebody shamed her overbearing curves;

Or the one she wore

Whenever a beautiful stranger knocked on her door.


“A lone wolf or a midnight owl?”

“The mask of rebellion or darkness’s cowl?”

She touched each one of them, and decided

“Why not wear ‘herself’ today? For a change”

Why today, of all days, she decided to feel strange?

Soaking with sweat and uneasiness, she found it difficult

To be herself. After all the masks she wore;

She could not wear her own face any more.


Art- Reya Ahmed
Poem- Biswadeep

[Image copyrights reserved with Saintbrush. Reproduction and/or copying of both the image and the poem not allowed without prior permission.]


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