14 lacks

[I wrote this story almost four years ago! I am posting the story as it was, four years ago. Please forgive me for any errors that might have crept in. Hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.]

42 lacks; the exact amount of the jewelry which went missing from the Dixit household; while Mr.Dixit was worried about his set back in financial terms, Mrs. Dixit was too broken to console; she had lost her son, her only son. In between cries and being oblivious, all she could remember was Sameer’s face.

Mrs. Dixit: Where could my Sameer be? Please tell the police to do something, tell them to keep searching for Sameer. I cannot live without him.

Mr.Dixit: What do you think I’ve been doing for the past three and a half hours?

After all, he loved her wife and did everything on her terms…

Mr. Dixit was an adept businessman and his wife was a compassionate soul. Though they both were opposites in characters, their love for each other did not decrease a bit.


Sameer was impregnated with sadness as he looked at his mother’s expensive gold jewelry. Was the decision which he took the right one? Hardly. He could tell. Standing behind him were Ramu and Shyamal, they were carrying their previous day’s loot in a sack- the result of inadvertent planning. Sameer sat beside the tracks, his eyes glued to the boisterous landscape, and he reminisced about the event which occurred yesterday’s night.

Ramu: Be jovial boy! You have a fortune now; you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want to do! Be happy. And don’t blame us. After all, it was your decision to come with us.

Shyamal: Leave him alone, let the brat decide what to do with his life now.

The last words hit Sameer spasmodically as he again traveled back in time to the incident that led him sitting beside a railway track and not in his cozy and comfortable home. Sameer did not like being bossed about the things he wanted to do or even had the wish of doing, he was stubborn, inimitable, and always listened to himself and did not pay heed to anybody else. Sameer considered himself totally aloof from the world, cut off from everybody except his superheroes; superheroes here being the superhero toys he had savored over the years-They were his constant companion.

“What have you done now?” asked a furious Mr.Dixit enraged to the point where his ears were getting red by the seconds. Supposedly, a call from the principle of Sameer’s school was the cause of his anger-Sameer’s mother too joined his husband in scolding him. That night Sameer cried hard and promised himself (and his superheroes), he would leave this hell and find a home for himself-. Truly, he had immature ideas; but he was only thirteen.


Today he felt 14 lacks was so much less than his mother’s lap, the warmth of the food she made, it all made him go back to their opulent house. 42 lacks were to be equally divided between the trio and each would get 14 lacks.

That night he heard someone making sounds equivalent to scratching a metallic surface-curious as he was, he heard suppressed conversations.

Ramu (showing a key like structure to Shyamal): You donkey, we need the master key, this would not serve the purpose.

Shyamal (Taking out something which Ramu referred as the master key): This safe is hard to break, looks like this safe is extremely safe. The pun was not taken well by the group. The tension was brewing and duo had little time to break the case.

Sameer: 6840, it is the safe’s code…

Looking over their back, the two thieves stared at each other in wild amazement with gaping mouths, when Ramu, the sensible and the wiser of the two tried the code out of sheer instinct-

Shyamal: Who are you and why are you being benign with us?

Sameer: Let’s say I had a bad day…

When the two thieves saw the open vault, madness overtook them and as if in a fit they poured everything into the sack which they had brought with them, at last when took every last jewelry and the money they turned around to bade farewell to little Sameer, but shockingly enough he was not there. Alarmed and knocking in fear they both decided to call it off and set out of the house.

Outside they found Sameer waiting for them ready to depart with his bag of superheroes and a loot-

Sameer: You have two options, either take me with you or I shout at the top of my voice and you both bear the consequences.

They did not have a choice…Sameer set out with the duo, it looked like Mr. and Mrs. Dixit had to pay a hefty price for adopting Sameer.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://www.istockphoto.com/in/photos/indian-currency?excludenudity=true&sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=indian%20currency


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